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Wrightsville Beach area waters Fishing Report/Forecast for June 2014

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Finally school is out (well for most) and summer fishing is getting good! The warmer weather and lighter winds are really helping me get on the water a lot; I love that! There has been plenty Spanish mackerel and Bluefish around the Flounder bite has started to show this week too! Here my report/forecast for June>>>

The Spanish Mackerel are biting good most days, but the best bite has been earlier in the morning when the sun is lower in the sky; also the fish have been a little deeper in thirty to fifty feet of water for the last few weeks. When you mark big balls of bait with your fish finder this is usually where you’ll find the most Spanish biting. Clark-spoons in sizes 00 and 0 are doing the trick in colors silver, gold and pink flash behind number one planners. The Spanish hitting on top are hitting Blue Water Candy’s Spanish Daisy chains in colors pink, blue and silver; the great thing about this rig is you can pull it off lighter tackle outfits. Another lure that is working well for the Spanish when I’m casting to them is Hogy Epoxy casting jigs, these little casting jigs are just the right weight and size to get those fast moving Spanish to bite! The colors that I like to use are purple, pink and blue; I prefer the two smallest sizes of the Hogy jig. All so the hook that comes on these lures is great, finally a good hook on a lure right out of the package!

I love to catch Cobia; here are the ways I target the big brown beasts. This time of year I look for Cobia around inlets, shoals and bait schools; near shore/offshore reefs and ledges are also a good place to look too. I throw big jigs, swim baits and live bait to the Cobia when I see them. Color really does not seem to matter, brighter the better; Blue Water Candy makes some very nice Cobia jigs, check them out at our local tackle shops! Tip your Cobia Jig with a six inch curly tail grub or six inch Jerkshad or four inch shrimp from Berkley Gulp; this will help get that Cobia to eat that jig! When I’m not sight casting for them, we are fishing around inlets, shoals and near shore artificial reefs. I float fish, bottom fish and kite fish in these areas with live menhaden, blues and mullet as bait.

The warmer weather has really brought out the Flounder and they are finally showing up in better numbers, there are still a lot of smaller ones inshore, but the bigger ones are showing every day! Most of the Flounder fishing I’m doing is just off the beach and around the inlets. I’ve caught Flounder on both live and artificial baits lately, what I have seen is more numbers on live bait, but more keepers on artificial baits. Mud minnows on light Carolina rigs with #one L42 Eagle Claw hooks are catching the numbers of Flounder. Berkley Gulp Jerkshad in five & six inch sizes are getting the most keeper Flounder. I’m rigging these Jerkshad on 1/4oz, 3/8oz and 1/2oz jig heads with longer hook shanks in red or gray color.

The bigger Reds are starting to show up in the ocean on hard bottoms and around the inlets. You never know when you might hook one of these hard fighting fish. When I fish for bigger Reds, I use fresh cut or live menhaden and mullet. I use fish finder rigs with 7/0 or 8/0 circle hooks and eighty pound Berkley Big game mono leaders. Don’t forget to keep your drag tight when using circle hook so they will do there job. One tip I can give you when fishing for Bull Reds, is don’t use to light of tackle for these bigger Reds. If you fight them to long, there is a chance you can tire them out to much and kill them. Try a med/heavy rod and a reel with at least thirty pound mono or braid, this will help you get the fish in quicker; with a better chance of a good release. Check to see if the Red has a yellow tag in its back; there are a fair amount of tagged Big Reds out there.

Fishing Gear I use:

Reels: Reds, Blues and Flounder: PENN Battle & Conflict spinning in sizes 2500, 3000 & 4000. Cobia fishing reels: PENN Battle 5000, 6000 & 7000, PENN Fathom 20LW (Great Cobia and Tarpon reel). Line: Reds, Blues and Flounder: Spiderwire Ultra-cast 15# Cobia Line: 30# Berkley Big Game Mono. Rods: PENN Regiment Medium and Medium heavy 6’6” & 7’. Cobia Rods: PENN Rampage Jigging 50 to 100 class( great rod at a great price)!. Leader material: Cobia; Berkley Big Game mono & Fluorocarbon in eighty to one hundred pound. Reds, Blues, Flounder: Berkley Pro-Spec Fluorocarbon leader

I would like to really give a thank you to Betts Cast Nets; Betts is my newest Sponsor/Partner for 2014. Betts has been making quality cast nets for a very long time, I use Betts nets to make a living and they have not let me down! Betts nets a quality net at a very fair price. Keep your eye on my Facebook page for I’ll be giving a how to seminar in the Wilmington area on using cast net inshore and near shore very soon! I’ll go over which nets to use for which bait, net care and how to cast your cast net.

If you would like to get real time and on the water reports, as well as free tackle giveaways each month; check out my Facebook page:\

Thanks for reading this report, if you have any questions just let me know!

Good Fishing to you,

Captain Jot Owens
PENN Reels Elite Staff
Ranger Boats Pro Staff

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Wrightsville Beach Inshore & Near shore April 2014 Fishing Report/Forecast

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I hope everyone is enjoying some of this warmer weather lately and now if the wind would just lay down a little bit, we can go fishing even more! It will not be long before its ninety degrees and no wind at all. I’m just ready for some stable weather patterns for awhile! Here is my April Fishing Report/Forecast for the area inshore and near shore waters.

The Redfish and Black drum bite in the ICW, creeks and channels just off the ICW has been fair to good; should get even better with the warm temps! I’m starting to see a few smaller Reds 14” to 21” in some of the creeks on warmer days; a few over slot fish mixed in as well. Most of the reds and black drum are hitting mud minnows and “fresh as you can get shrimp”. I use two hook bottom rigs with 2, 1 & 1/0 bait holder hooks, with the fresh shrimp or mud minnows, when fishing for the black drum and reds. If you would like to go the artificial root, I would recommend using scented grubs. The best luck baits have been Berkley Gulp two and three inch shrimp in colors Pearl, Molting and New Penny. Jigs heads for these Gulps in 1/16 to 1/4 oz, colors red and black seem to be the trick. Work’em slow around docks, drop-offs on grass lines and oyster rocks. The best tides have been falling or raising but fishing closer to the lower times of the tides.

Something that I love to do this time of year (late March to early May) is go up to lock & dam #1 and fish for Shad. These fish are so much fun to catch; they run, jump and run some more. Light tackle and fly fishing is the name of the game here! I see so many people fishing for shad that use to heavy of tackle. Lighter tackle equals more bites and more fun! All you need is a light rod and reel; I use a PENN Battle 1000 or Conflict 1000 loaded with six pound Berkley Fireline crystal braid or Nanofil. A two shad dart rig with Fifth teen or twenty pound mono or fluorocarbon leader; darts in colors pink, purple or green. On our last trip we caught well over 100 shad. If you have not ever tried it; you need too it’s a blast! Also while your shad fishing you can put out a catfish line and sometimes catch a very nice Blue catfish, some are over thirty pounds.

I’ve made quite a few trips to the Cape Fear River lately; there are three different kinds of fish to chase in the Cape Fear, Catfish, Striped Bass and even a hand full of nice Redfish most all winter long. Here is a few ways to put a CFR Striper on your line. Try Berkley Gulp Jerkshad in five and six inch size; in pearl & new penny colors and Berkley Havoc Grass Pigs. Work these baits slowly and always rig them weed-less; there are many hangs in the Cape Fear River. Try a Moaner swim bait hook with the Berkley Havoc or Gulp six inch jerkshad; this is a great hook at a great price. I use the weighted Stroker hook in 1/4oz 5/0. Look for Stripers on drop-offs, dock pilings and reed-grass lines. The Cape Fear River Striped Bass fishing is a closed fishery; all Stripers must be released.

False Albacore fishing has been good the days I can get out for them. I’m finding the Albacore from five to twenty miles offshore. There has been a few Bonita mixed in with them form time to time as well. Weather has been the name of this game lately (not much to go on)! It should not be long before we are catching good numbers of Bonita around the area waters. The #0 and #1 pink flash, silver and gold Clark spoon has caught most of our fish lately. Trolling these spoons on #1 or #2 planner; with thirty to forty feet of forty pound Berkley big game mono as leader on the planners is the way to go. On the bird rig for the surface fishing; I rig it with five to six feet of leader to the spoon. Don’t forget to put a ball bearing swivel on the bird and planner; this will keep tangles from happing (well most of the time!)

When the Bonita and Albacore are on top feeding; I cast the new Hogy 2.5” 3/8oz Epoxy jigs or Sea striker jig-spoons. The colors that seem to work the best are pink, green and blue. I use a forty pound Fluorocarbon leader; about fifth teen to twenty inches long. I prefer Berkley Pro Spec fluorocarbon leader material for clear water conditions; “this stuff really works”! A light weight seven foot rod and a PENN Battle 3000 or Conflict 2500 loaded with ten to fifth teen pound braid is important for casting to these fast fish. The reason for this is the further you can cast equals more chance’s you will hook up. When there are a lot of boats chasing the Bonita, they get wearer of boats. If you can cast farther; you will catch more of these fish! I’m sure it will not be long and the bluefish will be mixing in with these fish in good numbers too!

On some of the windier days when it’s been hard to get out on the coast to fish we’ve been doing a little bit of fresh water fishing. The largemouth Bass have been biting well most days out at Sutton Lake. Most trips we are catching nine to over fifth teen bass a day. The size of the Bass are running one to over five pounds, most fish are two to three pounds range. The Bass are hitting Bass Assassin rubber worms and Berkley Power bait Heavy sink worms in colors black, black & red and watermelon. Rigging the worms Carolina style seems to work the best.

Fishing Gear we use:

Reels PENN Conflict and Battle spinning in sizes 1000, 2000, 250 0& 3000 sizes.
Line: Spiderwire Ultra-cast and Berkley Fireline braid in 6, 8, 10 and 15 pound. Rods: PENN Legion and Regiment 6’6” and 7’ Med action Leader material: Berkley Big Game mono & Pro Spec Fluorocarbon.

Thanks for reading this report, if you have any questions just let me know! If you would like to go fishing drop me a line; I’m booking Shad trips now!!!

Good fishing to ya!

Captain Jot Owens
Ranger Boats Pro Staff
PENN Reels Elite Staff

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