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Fishing Report 7-19-2011 Deep Jigging

I had a Steve and Danny in town from Kentucky for a 1st time jigging trip in NC. The ocean was nice with just a large east swell from the storm off shore. Started at a 18 mile wreck but only 1 AJ and too many sharks. Decide to run all the way to the break and it was worth the ride. 1st drop in 240 feet was an immediate hook up with nice Almacos. The action stayed steady with the Almacos for a while. Moved around a little trying to find the larger AJs but no big ones. The current was running 3 to 4 knots and the water temps were 88 degrees so I think they were being lazy. We did find some decent AJs later in the day. Also had 3 small Scamp grouper. Late in the afternoon they shutdown on the jigs so we ran inshore to a wreck and Danny landed the largest fish on the lightest rod a great battle.

Captain Mike Jackson
LiveLine Charters

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