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LiveLine Charters Fishing Report – Gulf Stream 11-12-2007

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Decided to take a trip to the stream with a couple of friends since we haven’t been able to go due to weather.

Headed off shore at sunrise to a gentle NE swell and ran 40 mph the complete 60 miles. The water was still 78 degrees but not blue it still has a little green murky tint because of all the bad weather. Put lines in at around 150 feet and started seeing birds working with small 2 to 5 lb albacore jumping and then started seeing very large Yellow fin feeding on them.

After about 20 minutes the short port rigger went off and 300 yards melted off the reel. The fish came back to the boat after 20 minutes and then made 3 more long boat runs. With 30 feet to go one quick head shake and he was done. Worked the area around the Same Ole for a while longer but only a few knock downs.

Headed north and found a good weed line and we picked up a few small Mahi. Once we were about 1/2 mile from another ledge area in 180 feet we saw hundreds or maybe thousands of Flying fish everywhere. They actually looked like large flocks of birds. We picked up a couple of nice Black fin tuna but still no Wahoo.

We went back to the weed line and picked at the Mahi with a couple of doubles. Then at around 2:00 the long line went off and finally a Wahoo was on with no doubt as line streamed off the reel. It turns out the other long rigger was cut off by another Wahoo at the same time.

20 minutes later we sunk the gaff into a nice 45 lb fish. We had a few more Mahi and Tuna strikes. Headed back in and cleared the inlet at dark.

Overall a great day for November with Mahi, Black fin,Yellow fin and a Wahoo. Hopefully the water will clear up because we saw more bait than I have ever seen at the stream.

Captain Mike Jackson
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