Lucky 13 Sportfishing Reports

Awesome morning sight casting

Published on April 28th, 2016 by captmarkc | Click for more | Add Your Comment

Got the chance to take my dad out fishing this morning. We broke CB inlet right around 6:45 and I did see a spot in there where i was marking about 4′ of water between buoys 3 and 4 so be careful if you have a deep draft boat. Once again we found the bait, birds and spanish mackerel in about 30′ of water. We made a couple casts into the school and both pulled in some smallish 14-15″ fish so I decided to head on in search of some larger class fish. Just a little farther off we found the birds and the fish were thick. We ended up keeping a half dozen 18-20″ fish and releasing a bunch of smaller legal size spanish as well as a big false albie that dad hooked. The water was a little over 67 degrees this morning and we were throwing Big Nic spanish candy jigs.

This is some awesome sight casting to some nice big fish, get out there and get on them while you can.

click the link for a short video i made of dad battling that false albie
Captain Mark Cogdell
Lucky 13 Sportfishing
Wilmington, NC

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Big Spanish Mackerel are Here!!

Published on April 26th, 2016 by captmarkc | Click for more | Add Your Comment

Went out for a couple of hours this morning to see if the Spanish Mackerel had arrived and was pleasantly surprised to find lots of big, some pushing 5-6 pounds, Spanish busting bait and birds diving all over. I found them in 66 degree water, depth was 30-35′ and got them all on a Big Nic spanish candy jig. I kept a couple for dinner, then had fun chasing birds and fish for a little bit before i left them biting to head back to the hill. The larger of the 2 fish pictured was 22″ and I’d guess 4 pounds or so. i also heard a couple guys around me caught a few bonito as well.
Come on and lets go get a citation Spanish!

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