Rod-Man Fishing Report


Published on July 28th, 2017 by Capt. Rick Bennett | Click for more | Add Your Comment

Hi Folks,
It has been very hot for sometime and as we head toward August we know it will remain so for a while longer. Catching requires fishing deeper in hot weather so keep that in mind as you plan your next trip. Now here’s my report:
INSHORE: Depending on where you are fishing, red drum and flounder are the primary players. Live bait and artificials will catch both at the right time and place. Sometimes that is hard to do…even for some of us so called professionals. I like the falling tide …mostly.
NEAR SHORE: Again, Flounder and bull reds are your best choices; of course Spanish mackerel will provide food for those who like to troll. The AR’s are holding some nice fish ready to bite jigs or live bait.
OFFSHORE: Kings are biting well from 5 to 25 miles out. Mahi are biting from 10-25 miles out.
GULF STREAM: Some wahoo and blackfin tuna, along with larger mahi are being caught. Relative slow time for the stream with the exceedingly hot water temps.
CAPE FEAR RIVER: When the tide rises and you get some clear water flounder, reds and trout are biting bait and artificials.
UPCOMING: Cooler weather I HOPE.
Capt. Rick Bennett

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Rain Wind and Heat Slows Fishing

Published on July 7th, 2017 by Capt. Rick Bennett | Click for more | Add Your Comment

Hi Folks,
Weather has not been our friend in the last couple of weeks. The waters are hot, dirty and rough in the ocean. Even so with persistence you can find some good fishing.
INSHORE: Reds and flounder are biting live bait. Carolina rigs fished in the inlets are the best producers right now. The falling tide seems to work the best.
NEAR SHORE: Spanish mackerel are biting well near the inlets south and north. Kings are biting best from 10-25 miles.
OFFSHORE: Kings and mahi are biting with some cobia mixed in the bite. The schoolhouse and the 23 are best. Live bait seems to be best this time of year, but ballyhoo and cigar minnows work well too.
GULF STREAM: Blackfin tuna, mahi and some wahoo make up the best bite. Billfish are biting as well.
CAPE FEAR RIVER: Dirty water is hampering fishing somewhat, but if you fish the incoming tide and get some cleaner water the bite for reds, flounder and trout is better.
UPCOMING: Fall seems a long hot time away. Fish deeper that you normally would to find “cooler” water.
Until Next Time…LET’S GO FISHING!!!
Capt. Rick Bennett

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