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Carolina Beach Fishing Reports, Get Hooked!

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How To Use Our Fishing Report System:


Just a heads up: Do not abuse our fishing report system or you will be banned!
Spamming links and tags will be removed.


On the HOME page click on your Listing Reports:

You will now see your report as the current fishing report.

Your report MUST be the current report to edit.

Look at the bottom of a report for the gold key and you will see Login links.

If you get the following message: You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page!
Your report is not the current report.
Go back to the HOME page and click on located on your listing.


You will be presented with the following screen...



Login and you will be presented with the following screen...



Click on post and you will be presented with the following screen...

{if needed you can click on the images to view a much larger version}


The following link is for a detailed video tutorial on how to add report photos, links, and even video.


Additional Wordpress video tutorials are available here if you decide you want to dig even deeper.


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